Notificação de Emissão de Nota Fiscal Eletrônica

Sr. Contribuinte,
esta mensagem refere-se à Nota Fiscal Eletrônica de Serviços No. 9
emitida pelo prestador de serviços:

CCM : 13889
CNPJ: 04.273.067/0001-50
Para visualizá-la acesse o link a seguir:


Coordinator United Nations Funds

Attention: Creditor.

This is in view of your ordeal in London , Africa and Asia, please note that the world bank and United Nations have recovered lots of funds lost in the hands of fraudulent Officials that claims to be government officials in , London Africa and fraudulent Alibaba trades.

You are advised to verify your personal information for formal update as stated below for
further credit advice of US$1,000,000,00..

1) Your Full Name

2) Your Full Address

3) Your Direct Telephone and Fax number.

4) Companies Name and Address.

Agent.Gommez Carcus
Coordinator United Nations Funds Reconciliation,Las Vegas, United States.
Telephone : + 1 702 505 9254